loves beauty and simplicity. We employ this philosophy when it comes
to our food and our aesthetic. Our menus are inspired, straightforward and geared towards each occasion.

We’re committed to using the best that Central Texas has to offer: farm-raised animals, fresh seafood,
seasonal produce and a selection of specialty foods that uniquely represent both the the Lone Star State
and the best that Global cuisine has to offer. We are passionate about all delicious things and are happy to
accommodate most special dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free.

We take pride in making all our cocktail parties, dinners, corporate events, weddings, showers and anniversaries
into thoughtful, beautiful & memorable occasions. Knowing how important private events are, we
pay special attention to ensure that your menu, aesthetic and staffing needs are taken care of with both
creativity and an eye for detail.

Through our green iniatives and seasonal/local buying practices, we can help you make your event or special
occasion an environmentally friendly and socially responsible one.

We are dedicated to creating a new category of boutique catering: comfortable, pleasurable, and memorable parties with honest food and a professional, caring crew!

Social Responsiblity & Sustainable Practices

We handpick a lot of our our produce from farmers' markets and local food purveyors, and buy meat and poultry where we personally know that a high standard of care is adhered to.

Our kitchen composts our organic waste, and most supplies are transported in recycled or reusable containers, and all biodegradable plates and cups are composted.
We are passionate about cooking and committed to bringing sustainability to boutique catering. We believe that each event is unique, and are comitted to work with you to create an original menu tailored to suit the spirit of the occasion.

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About Meg Schwartz

I'm a South African who had the great fortune to marry a wonderful American and moving to Austin in 2005.

I love the incredible diversity that being South African exposes you to! My family has been in South Africa since the late 1600's but my European roots are Dutch, French & Spanish. All familiar flavors in my food!
Food and cooking has always been a major part of what family means for me.
To me great food is like a shared ritiual or experience that creates a common memory... I love that.

My mom raised my brother and me with foodie inspiration from Elizabeth David's French Provincial Cooking, Mediterranean and Italian Food. I learned the art of pasta making and good Italian cheese at around 10.

I graduated Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Fine Art, (in Studio Painting and Philosophy of Art.)
I soon turned my Artistic skills to the kitchen. My first foodie job was managing an iconic Deli in Cape Town, South Africa.
There I met two strong women who both shaped my food future. My first job in a catering kitchen was working with a wildly talented Greek Chef and Artist learning the art of Greek food and Pastries.

My next move took me to work with Karen Dudley, a most inspirational and innovative Chef.
My passion for producing amazing food and feeling for flavor really took shape in her kitchen. My style of food has Indian, Asian and Cape Malay influences that marry beautifully with the more familiar French and Mediterranean flavors. The commonality is fresh, bright flavor and seasonal authenticity.

As a South African, seasonal eating has always been a way of life... one is made to be innovative with what is available locally.

Each one of my recipes is from the heart. Every dish is delicious and truly homemade, and many of our vegetables come from my own organic garden.
My background has taught me that in order to prepare the best dishes you must pay attention to the freshness and seasoning of every single ingredient. I choose the European way of buying only what I need for the day and cook with the freshest and highest quality of ingredients.

With many years of catering experience, I understand the stress that a host goes through when throwing a party and my goal is to allow you to enjoy the company of your guests without having all the pressures of the evening. We want you to entertain and enjoy the company of your guests in the comforting knowledge that we will be representing your style. Our intention is to create a perfect event with our delicious fresh food, interesting flavors, fine wine, gorgeous flowers and stylish décor.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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