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Simple Nurturing dinner pricing depends on menu choice, number of guests and level of service. For up to 10 guests, 1 staff person should be sufficient any more and I would suggest additional staffing to ensure that your guests needs are taken care of. Staffing is charged at $25 per person per hour. Should you prefere the dinner to be delivered on our platters ready, to go, a $25 Delivery and Collections fee will apply.

Sample Menu 1

Poppadom Chips with Homemade Mint Chutney

Delicious Green Fish Curry

Rice Pilaf with Peas

Cucumber Raita
Sambal Salad with Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers

Delicious Lime Shortbread

Sample Menu 2

Quinoa and Rice Flour Flatbread
with Cumin Scented Avocado, preserved Lemon
and Bella Verde Micro greens

Edamame “Hummus” with Soy and Pickled Ginger
On Adzuki Bean Crackers

Crunchy Thai Salad with “Best of the Market” bits,
Orange Glazed Duck and Mints

Green Beans with Garlic, Chili and Cashew nuts

Little Asian Pear and Almond Tarts

Sample Menu 3

Jicama with a Avocado and Pickled Ginger

Sweet Thai Chickpea Pate on Adzuki Bean Crackers

Gulf Coast Snapper en Papillote
with Asian Citrus, and Ginger

Bhutanese Red Rice with Scallions

Asian Micro Green Salad with Cucumber Ribbons,
Sweet peppers, Sesame and Bean Sprouts

Little Chocolate Zucchini Cakes
with Berry Sorbet

Sample Menu 3

Herby Texas Mushroom Tarts

Tomato and Full Quver Mozarella Bruscetta with Basil

Richardson’s Ribeye Steak
with Pecan Butter and Candied jalapeños

Red Rice, Roasted Seasonal Squash and Chilies with Oregano

Amador Farms Leafy Salad with Avocado, Jicama, Radishes
and a Fresh Lemony Dressing

Seasonal Cobbler
with Crème Chantilly