These are the kind of things we think about when running our business, as well as sourcing, preparing and serving your food.

Mindfulness is central to both our business and food philosophy.

We practice Mindfulness when planning, procuring, preparing and serving our food! We believe that food and entertaining should be easy, delicious, wholesome, simple, vibrant and above all, delightful. We love food that is diverse in texture, color and flavor. We like to feel energized and satisfied by what we eat. We take pleasure in promoting food choices that are supportive of the wellness of both the people eating, the local economy as well as the planet. We love good food, and more importantly we love sharing the delight of good food with friends.

We support the local and seasonal food movement when purchasing fresh produce and look to organics, when buying staples like flour or dairy.

considers our responsibility to our clients, ourselves, and our planet when when planning menus and buying ingredients
These are important questions for anyone to ask!
* Who is the grower and do they practise sustainablity?
* Where was it grown & processed (and what were the processing techniques)?
* When was this grown and picked? Is this in season? How fresh is it?
* Are there any chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers used?

"You had the essence of mindfulness already, but you
hadn’t discovered it. So when you make an effort to eat mindfully…,
you find that life is worth much more than you had expected."
~ Chogyam Trungpa, from “Introduction to Practice,”