Here are just some examples of our
Social Responsibility & Sustainable Practices:

* We handpick our produce from local farmers' markets and food purveyors in order to maximize freshness and cut down on greenhouse emissions
* When purchasing from larger companies we try to ensure that they are environmentally and socially responsible companies.
* Our meat and dairy is all Local, Natural and/or Organic
* We use local cage-free or organic eggs
* We support Fair Trade products.
* We make use of Renewable and Recycled Materials, such as Bamboo plates and flatware
* Energy conservation practices - by working in a shared kitchen we only use only as much energy as we need for each event.
* Waste reduction practices - we use reusable storage containers and buy smaller amounts of high quality food to ensure our waste is reduced.
* We Recycle our Glass, Paper and Plastic waste
* We compost our food waste, for use in our own vegetable garden.